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What ports are used by FTK Central?



Source Component Destination Component Port
Distributed Processing Manager Case/Evidence/Job Storage 445
Distributed Processing Engine Case/Evidence/Job Storage 445
FTK Central Service Case/Evidence/Job Storage 445
Site Server Network Share Endpoints 445
Site Server On-Network Agents 39991
End Users FTK Central Service 44431
FTK Central Service Collab 19876
Distributed Processing Engine Distributed Processing Manager 34096
FTK Central Service Distributed Processing Manager 34096
Distributed Processing Manager Distributed Processing Engine 34097
FTK Central Service Root Site Server 543211
Child Site Server Parent Site Server 545451
Parent Site Server Child Site Server 545451
Public Agents Public Site Server 545451
Distributed Processing Manager MSSQL 1433, MSDTC2
Distributed Processing Engine MSSQL 1433, MSDTC2
FTK Central Service MSSQL 1433, MSDTC2
FTK Central Service Cloud Connectors Various


1 User-configurable.

2 MSDTC uses ports 135 (DTC) and 1024-65535 (DCOM).

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