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The following will allow you to generate and apply a Quin-C license from an Quin-C Order Number.

Your Quin-C Order Number will typically be contained in an email entitled "Thank you for your recent Quin-C order!", and will be sent from

If you have not received or have misplaced an expected Quin-C Order Number, please contact your Sales representative or



  • A Quin-C Order Number
  • A physical or virtual CodeMeter dongle



  1. Navigate to
  2. In the Get Your License Key box, enter you Order Number (from the above mentioned email), your Quin-C Server Machine Name (optional), and your Email Address, then click Submit.
  3. Copy out one of the resulting Dongle String.
  4. Contact your Sales representative and give them your Dongle String obtained above.  They can then add it to your dongle.
  5. Make sure both CodeMeter and License Manager are installed.
  6. Insert/activate your CodeMeter dongle and make sure it's refreshed.  License Manager should show an Insight license that looks like the following with your Dongle String listed as the QuincKey:
  7. Navigate to the Quin-C bin folder (typically "[drive]:\Program Files\AccessData\Forensic Tools\[version]\bin\").
  8. From the bin folder, open ADG.WeblabSelfHost.exe.config in a text editor.
  9. In the appSettings section, find and change the value of the DongleLicenseValidator key to true, as shown below, then save the file:
    <add key="DongleLicenseValidator" value="true"/>
  10. Restart the AccessData Quin-C Self Host Service service.
  11. If you are still prompted for a license key, remove all references to the license from ADG.XX.cmn_Settings: DELETE FROM ADG.ADG7x1.cmn_settings WHERE settingname LIKE '%license%'


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