CLR Strict Security in SQL 2016 & SQL 2017

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Are there any specific Security settings to run Accessdata software (pre 7.0 release) in SQL 2016 or SQL 2017?


"CLR Strict Security" gets turned on as a part of "Cumulative Update 7" (CU7) for SQL 2016 and ships standard on SQL 2017 RTM. 

You can additional information regarding this Security setting from Microsoft here and here.

The command to turn off this increased security is below:

use master 
EXEC sp_configure 'show advanced options',1
EXEC sp_configure 'clr strict security', 0;


 EXEC sp_configure 'clr strict security', 1; 

Will revert the above change.


The above SQL changes are not officially supported by AccessData at this time. If this change is implemented, you may be asked to revert the change in order to troubleshoot any SQL issues you may be experiencing. 

Full support of SQL 2016 for FTK and LAB is available in the 7.0 release. All products will have SQL 2016 and SQL 2017 Support in Version 7.1 which has an estimated release of Q2 2019.

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