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This AccessData White Paper contains a thorough overview of the AD Enterprise Agent.

Please see the attached document.

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    David Head

    Thanks Jay. The white paper was very helpful and cleared up some things. Obviously I was approaching this scenario completely wrong. I do have some follow up questions regarding the agent based on the document.

    If using the system default for agent behavior of job expiration "cancel incomplete" after 3 days, the agent will behave as follows. If the target machine/agent stops communicating, the site server will enter into an "interrupted" state after 5 minutes. The site server will attempt to contact the agent every 5 minutes until communication is established or the job expiration period is surpassed. If communication is established, it may resume collection or restart depending on the circumstances of the interruption. Is my understanding correct?

    In the Tips for success section #6, it mentions setting the retry frequency and the number of retries. Where is this configured?


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    Jerry Thiesen


    I have created a ticket from your response. I will follow up with you on it shortly.


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