Words Are Truncated In FTK Display 

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Words look truncated in the FTK display.

Sample screenshot showing the problem:




Set a compatibility property on the FTK executable named "Override high DPI scaling behavior".

a) Right-click the FTK shortcut and select "properties";

b) Select the "Compatibility" tab;

c) Select "Override high DPI scaling behavior";

d) Select "System" from the "Scaling performed by" dropdown menu;

e) Click OK.

See a description of the "per app" override setting via the link below.



This behavior is caused by a display scaling problem on high-DPI monitors.


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Applies To

Windows 10 and the following Accessdata applications:

AD Enterprise

AD Lab



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    Sven Malchus

    Dear Team.

    We have seen this behaviour on Server 2016 too....
    Eventhough 2016 is pretty similar to Win10, we couldn't fix it with the mentioned steps...
    Any thoughts?

    BR Sven Malchus

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