Cassandra Commit Log Corruption

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The "Cassandra" service will not start successfully, after a new hash set was imported.


If it is determined that Cassandra was running successfully until a recent import of hash data, then it could be that the Cassandra commit logs are corrupted.

To remove commit logs and allow Cassandra to recreate them:

1. Delete the commitlog folder located at: C:\Program Files\AccessData\Cassandra\data\
2. Restart the computer.


See the "" links below for additional detail.

This webpage describes a commit log corruption issue in cassandra 3.1.1

If commit log repair is set to occur automatically, then see below to allow Cassandra to ignore corruption upon subsequent starts.[email protected].com%3E



Applies To

Cassandra (which is the KFF service for Accessdata application versions 6.3 and later)

FTK/AD Enterprise/AD Lab version 6.3 and above

Summation Pro/AD Ediscovery version 6.3 and above

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