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AccessData is going through a measured and carefully planned deployment of IPv6 across our entire product line. We have been working with IPv6-compliant hardware and infrastructure for the last few years using a dual stacked approach, meaning our solutions support both IPv4 and IPv6 at the same time so that customers maintain access to legacy sites and services they need using both while preparing for the future.

AccessData is diligently working to complete testing of our network-deployed software solutions using standalone IPv6 and future releases will support full standalone IPv6.  When completed, AccessData software solutions will integrate seamlessly with the native network layers including IPv4 standalone, dual stacked, and IPv6 standalone.

The following products currently support IPv6 using a dual stack:

AD Enterprise v6 x or later

AD RTK v6 or later

AD Lab v6 or later

AD Quin-C v6 or later

AD eDiscovery v6 or later

Summation Pro v6 or later

FTK v6 or later

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