Why Are Email Messages That I Import With a Load File Incomplete?

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Why are email messages that I import with a load file appearing incomplete in the natural panel (e.g. no email body is displayed)?



When you choose to import natives with a loadfile you have two options

1. Use the metadata in the loadfile.

2. Use the metadata extracted from the natives.

If you choose to have the metadata in the loadfile Summation will attempt to build a view for you of the email in the viewer based on the metadata that was mapped. If you don't map a field, to Body for instance the Body will be blank. If you have the native, you can check the process files to extract metadata box and your loadfile metadata will be ignored.




Importing natives have different options and behaviors for handling metadata.

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    Toni Vines

    So if we check the process files to extract metadata box when loading the loadfile will all of the metadata import?

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    Brigid Volk

    Does importing the metadata file received after processing completes overlay the metadata extracted? Or do we need to create custom fields for the metadata provided to us for comparison?

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