Production Set Cancels Itself at Stage 4 or 5--"Native" Folder Name Must be Unique From "Image" or "Text"

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1) Production or Export Set cancels itself after reaching "naming files" (stage 5) or "family organization" (stage 4).

2) An error appears in the System Log tab like so:

Native folder must be different from image and text folder
Parameter Name: namingHierarchy



The "Native" folder name cannot be the same name as either the "Image" or "Text" folder.

Suggested solution is not to change any of the default "Native," "Image," and "Text" folder names in the "Volume Document Options" section of the production/export wizard and then rerun the production/export set.


The above is to prevent a scenario where a native file can be overwritten by an image or text file, due to a filename being reused during image or text generation. E.g. if the original native file is a PDF, and a production/export set is also generating images in PDF format in the same folder, then the native PDF will be overwritten by the image PDF.


Applies to:

AD Ediscovery

Summation Pro

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