Summation Enterprise: How to Search Against All Hotfact Records

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The Summation Enterprise "Case Explorer" search option for "Everyone's" hotfacts (which becomes clickable after selecting "Only Hotfacts"), does not work. The search still only returns the current user's hotfacts.


Workaround: Use the keywords "#MYHOTFACT" AND "#HOTFACT" to return other user's hotfacts.

Consider the following searches that can be run with the column view in focus. These searches can also be run as subset searches.

1) #MYHOTFACT exists – returns records that were marked as a hotfact by the current user.

2) #MYHOTFACT fails – returns all records not hotfact'd by the current user, as well as non-hotfact records.

3) #HOTFACT exists – returns all records that are a hotfact, whether hotfact'd by current user or by other users.
4) #HOTFACT fails – returns only non-hotfact records.



Hotfact coding in Summation Enterprise was designed to be personal, i.e. users can only see hotfact coloring for their own hotfact records. Thus, the Case Explorer feature for "Everyone's" hotfacts was never fully implemented. This help article provides a workaround for that.



Summation Enterprise, all versions

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