How Imports Work

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How Do Imports Work?



Stage 1: Database Updates or inserts
  • First database inserts through ASYNC
  • Full job setting can be found in [ADG].[ADG6].[cmn_BusinessServicesJobs] in the [BusinessServicesJobDefinition]
  • Load File used and path can be found in this table for the case: [cmn_Evidence]
  • in this stage the worklist will show the import count up to the records in the load file
  • NOTE: the load file record count is not displayed you have to count in the load file. It is suggested to do this prior to starting the load.
  • When the load file count matches Total Document Count and Processed Document Count then Stage 1 has finished
Stage 2: Engine Work
  • The load file objects are sent to the engine
  • You will find a row added to the table: [cmn_EvidenceOperHistory] this contains your job settings
  • Also a P table like the below will be created this table has progress of indexed and processed of the load file. 0 = not processed yet
    • select processed, count(processed) FROM [Case_ADG6_0005].[ADG6_0005].[P0btt5550jzfkt31fedmea1ftcbt7] group by processed;
  • The P Table referenced above deletes when Stage 2 is complete
  • NOTE: After job is complete there may still be work being done via index_merge.exe, if you load immediately after and index_merge is running it may hold up your next load on this case.



The two stages of a loadfile import are covered in this article

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    Blake Thoennes

    Is it possible to delete a loadfile import?


    For Future Readers:

    Use of FTK is required. AD does not support direct SQL modifications. With FTK, view evidence, remove the loadfile names no longer desired. This was useful to me in cleaning up duplicate or incorrectly mapped fields during import. One case i found 8 duplicate imports! Keeping the most recent correct one, and removing the others, cleaned up my columns nicely from blah; blah; blah2; blah13; blah.... to just blah.


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    Justin Johns

    Hi Blake, yes it is possible to remove an import. I've created a ticket and assigned it to an engineer to help walk you through the steps to do so.

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