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Unable to open attachments in their native software.



1. Add all attachments to a label.

2. Create a Native Export Set using this label.

  • Export options chosen do not matter, they just need to be exported as a Native.
  • Once the export set has finished, the attachments will have a hyperlink.
  • The Export Set may be deleted from the Summation PRO Exports List, and the native documents may be deleted from the location in which they were exported. They are no longer needed.



Attachments are embedded within an email file, therefore there is no Actual File for the hyperlink to reference. Creating a Native Export Set will generate an Actual File reference within Summation PRO that the hyperlink can use.


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    Rebecca Bishop

    This is not a reasonable workaround for large review projects with multiple reviews that lack the skillset and permission level for exports. Is this issue slated to be addressed in an upcoming version?

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