What Image Formats Do AccessData Products Support?

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What Image formats do AccessData products support?



Format Extension Disk Image Optical Media Image Logical File Archive
EnCase Physical e01 X    
SMART s01 X    
Advanced Forensic Format aff X    
Virtual Hard Disk vhd X    
ICS i01 X    
SafeBack/SnapBack 001 X    
GNU DD dd, 001, img X   X
Apple Disk dmg, img X    
Virtual Machine Disk vmdk X    
Ghost Raw gho X    
FreeBSD Unix File System Image ufs X    
Journaled File System Image jfs X    
YAFFS Image yaffs X    
Tarball tar     X
Zip zip     X
AccessData Logical Image ad1     X
EnCase Logical l01, lx01     X
ISO Image iso   X  
Raw IMG img X X  
Optical Binary bin   X  
Track-At-Once tao   X  
Disk-At-Once dao   X  
Alcohol mds   X  
DiskJuggler cdi   X  
CloneCD ccd   X  
Gear CD p01   X  
IsoBuster cue   X  
Nero nrg   X  
Philips/OptImage cd   X  
Pinnacle pdi   X  
Plextools pxi   X  
Prassi CD Right gcd   X  
Prassi PrimoDVD gi   X  
Roxio cif   X  
Virtual CD vc4   X  
WinOnCD c2d   X  



  • We do not support differential images.
  • Some formats may share file extensions.
  • AccessData products attempt to detect image format by file signature, in the situation where your image file extensions do not match the above.


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