Change the Work Manager collections staging directory

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How do I change the folder where the Collections Work Manager stages collected data.



  1. Navigate to the Work Manager installation folder (typically "C:\Program Files\AccessData\eDiscovery\Work Manager")
  2. Open "Infrastructure.WorkExecutionServices.Host.exe.config" in a text editor
  3. Find the "LocalResponsiveDataFolder" key

  4. Change the value to the desired path (it can be a local drive path or a UNC path)
  5. Save the file
  6. Restart the "AccessData Work Manager" service

Note: If using a UNC path (network share) for the Responsive Folder, the eDiscovery service account must have full permissions to that share.



This explains how to change where data is staged (temporarily stored) by the Work Manager during a collection, prior to being copied to the Job Data folder.

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