Can't perform Agent collections after 10/29/2015 (eDiscovery)

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User cannot perform Agent collections in eDiscovery 5.3.1 or 5.6.3 after 10/29/2015.



Before this fix is applied, you must upgrade to either eDiscovery 5.3.1 Service Pack 8 or eDiscovery 5.6.3 Patch 5.  These fixes were built from those versions, and may not work on previous versions.



  1. Download and unzip the proper Site Server installer from the links below:
    eDiscovery 5.3.1 SP8 (updates Site Server to version
    Password: abc123!

    eDiscovery 5.6.3 SP5 (updates Site Server to version
    Password: abc123!

  2. Uninstall the existing Site Server.
  3. Install the newly downloaded Site Server.
  4. Navigate to the Site Server installation folder, then to the "Agent\Modules" folder (typically "C:\Program Files\AccessData\SiteServer\Agent\Modules").
  5. Create an empty text file called "newcert.txt" (make sure you don't accidentally name it "newcert.txt.txt" due to Windows hiding known extensions).
  6. Open the Site Server Configuration utility.
  7. Navigate to the Site Server Results folder within Windows Explorer, and rename the Results folder (ie. if it used to be "SSResults", name it "SSResults.old").
  8. In the Site Server Configuration Utility, modify the Site Server Results folder path by either adding or removing a trailing "\" and click "Apply".  This will restart the Site Server Service and rebuild the Site Server Results folder.

Note: These steps must be followed on *all* Site Server, not just the Root Site Server.



This is due to our module certificate (adata.p7b) expiring 10/29/2015.  The new Site Servers above will push out the new module certificate to any existing Agents as jobs are performed.

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    Gary Johnson

    link is NOT ACTIVE need this patch to tide me over until I upgrade to current version of eDiscovery!

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    Brendan Bone

    The links have been updated. Keep in mind that this patch would only be needed if you have the expired adata.p7b certificate (seen in the Site Server folder), which would have prevented any Agent collections from working since October, 2015.

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