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What does the option "Disable Tag Indexing" do on a case, and where do I change it?



In order to shorten indexing time and decrease index size, this option disables indexing of the "Labels" and "Issues" fields as well as any checkbox or radio button fields.

The following fields types will always kick off a reindex job

  1. Date Field
  2. Text Field
  3. Number Field

 The Disable Tag Indexing Option is located in: Processing Options:


  • Search results of tag-type fields may appear inconsistent if this setting is not used appropriately.  This is because, even with "Disable Tag Indexing" checked, simple queries (ie "Labels contains Bob") will still work on the affected fields. However, complex queries containing connectors or multiple fields (ie "Labels contains Bob OR From contains Jim") will only work if "Disable Tag Indexing" is unchecked.
  • Full functionality of the filter facets will still exist regardless of this setting.
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