When launching an AccessData program, I get "no license found" error and no prompt to point to an NLS

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Attempting to launch AccessData software results in an error message that the license can not be found. The only option is to close it. You normally point to an NLS but it's not working.



Remove all CodeMeter dongles and you should be prompted for NLS again.



When using a network dongle and NLS, in some circumstances when launching AccessData software you may get a "license not found error" and you may not be prompted to point to the NLS. You can only close the program.

This can happen if you are normally connected to an NLS but there is a CodeMeter dongle inserted locally that does not contain the license. This can include other product's dongles, such as EnCase. The Product will ignore all NLS settings and look for a license on ANY CodeMeter dongle.



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    This is a pain especially when working via RDP because you cannot physically remove the dongle. A workaround I found is to

    1 - disable the CodeMeter dongle in device manager ( assuming you are not running software at the time that depends on it )
    2 - start the AD product you want to run off a network dongle.
    3 - point to the right ip and have it start
    4 - enable the CodeMeter device again.

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