White Exclamation Point On Gray Circle in Standard Viewer Mode - "Gray Circle of Death"

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In the course of making many redactions or markups to documents, sometimes the following appears in the browser window:



This gray circle with a white exclamation point in the middle indicates a memory error has occurred.



It has been documented as a memory issue with the Flash Player by Adobe in the following article on their website:



AccessData users can try the following to alleviate this issue:

Clear your Internet Explorer (IE) disk cache:

  1. Go to the Tools menu and choose "Internet Options"
  2. Or go to the white gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of IE, click it, and choose "Internet Options".
  3. In the resultant dialog window that appears, ensure the "General" tab is in focus, then click the "Delete" button.

Close all open Internet Explorer windows to free up memory used by IE.


Close IE in Task Manager:

  1. Right-click your task bar and choose "Start Task Manager" - a window appears.
  2. Choose the Processes tab and sort by the "Image/Image Name" field until "Internet Explorer/iexplore" appears.
  3. Right click each "iexplore" in Windows 7/2008 and choose "End Task".
  4. Right click "Internet Explorer in Windows 8/10/2012 and choose "End Task".


Restart the browser and execute the markup workflow as before.


  • In the Native/Image window, please click the floppy disk icon periodically to save the markup information.
  • Do not open any other IE windows during your workflow to test.
  • Keep Task Manager open and note the aggregate amount of Memory used by all Internet Explorer/iexplore instances. It may be that IE becomes unstable if over 1GB of memory is used.


Please contact Product Support during normal business hours if all of the above suggestions have been tried and you continue to experience this issue.


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    Ron Sam

    All three of these recommended resolutions do not work when redacting entire pages.

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