How do I configure eDiscovery to collect from Sharepoint?

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How do I configure eDiscovery to collect from Sharepoint?



Permissions Required for SharePoint
This document describes the permissions required for eDiscovery to connect to Microsoft SharePoint and collect data.


1. At the "Central Administration" page, click the "Application Management" tab.

2. Click the "Policy for Web Application" option on the right side of the page.

3. Make sure that the correct Web Application is selected in the drop-down menu on the top right side and click "Add Users"

4. Click "Next >"

5. In the "Users:" box, fill in the appropriate user account and validate by clicking the check button. Make sure that the "Full Read - Has full read-only access." box is checked and then click "Finish"

Repeat these steps for each Web Application that needs to be collected from. The service account will now have the appropriate rights to perform collections on the SharePoint server.


eDiscovery's SharePoint connector uses Microsoft's SPServices (link here) to collect information.  Starting in eDiscovery version 6.1, the connector will be upgraded to use Microsoft's CSOM libraries rather than SPServices.  eDiscovery's connectors do not query directly to SharePoint's underlying MSSQL database.  


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