FTK Install Guides

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The install guides for FTK are located at

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    David Causey
    I am guessing this install guide covers version 6 too? I now it says 5.4 and newer, but when you open it says Installation Guide 5.x nothing about 6. Can you please advise.
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    Justin Johns
    David, these guides were written for the versions listed. Support is currently waiting for the 6.0 install guides and will post them as soon as we have them. Sorry for the delay.
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    Marcelo Bovo

    Is there any news about the 6.0 install guides?

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    Ковальчученко Вадим Александрович

    Yeah, what's up with guides for 6x?

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    Justin Johns

    The installation guides are located in the ISO file where the installation media is stored. I've updated the article to reflect this.

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    Jan Weber

    The guide considers the MS-windows as the only known OS. In our lab we have all servers based on Linux, and we intend to run the PostgreSQL database on them. But there is no comment, recommendation, neither the "how to" about correct configuration of Psql (on Linux) with respect to use with FTK (on MSW). What a pity the FTK does not run on Linux at all. :-(

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