Recycle Processing Work Manager Job Script

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How can I recycle just the Work Manager and engine?  



(Note: This DOES NOT work with eDiscovery collection type jobs!  If your Work Manager has active collection and processing jobs, please contact support for help BEFORE running this script.)

  1. Download the attached script
  2. Edit the variables accordingly
  3. Run the script as administrator



This is useful when trying to restart just the components that perform processing and exporting jobs.  Running this script will terminate any currently running jobs and recycle the associated services and processes. 

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  • Avatar
    Brandon Harmon

    Can you give a little more information on this script?

    So, if I ingest a 1gb case that has been processing for 10 days and hangs up somewhere, I can use this script and it will begin recycle services and begin processing the case where it stalled?

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    Justin Johns

    Hi Brandon. No, this script will forcibly terminate the job severing the connection to the Work Manager and Processing Engine. If you'd like, I can create a ticket for your issue and have an engineer reach out?

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