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You receive the message "No processing engines available to processing job" when trying to process.



  1. Open the Distributed Processing Manager Configuration (typically "C:\Program Files\AccessData\Distributed Processing Manager<version>\ProcessingManagerConfig.exe")
  2. Ensure all of the machines with the Evidence Processing Engine have been added to the configuration
  3. Ensure the "AccessData Evidence Processing Engine" services is Started on all listed machines
  4. Ensure port 34097 is open for both inbound and outbound communication on the machine with the Distributed Processing Manager and the machine(s) running the Evidence Processing Engine
  5. Confirm the machine with the Distributed Processing Manager can communicate with the machine(s) running the Evidence Processing Engine, both by pinging and using the attached "Get FDQN" app to test communication over port 34097
  6. Recycle all AccessData services



  • The Distributed Processing Manager is misconfigured
  • The Evidence Processing Engine service is stopped
  • Communication between the Distributed Processing Manager machine and the Evidence Processing Engine machine(s) is blocked
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