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The Site Server Console reports the  Site Server Status is "Invalid" and it says "Could not connect to Root Site Server" or "Could not connect to root instance".



  1. On the affected Site Server machine, open Site Server Configuration (typically "C:\Program Files\AccessData\SiteServer\SS_Config.exe")
  2. Take note of what certificates are being used for Secure Communications
    Note: The certificates on all Site Servers (root & children) must match.
  3. View the certificates properties and make sure they have not expired.  If they have, you will need to generate or obtain new valid certificates to replace them.
  4. On the Work Manager responsible for Site Server jobs, open Infrastructure.WorkExecutionServices.Host.exe.config in a text editor (typically "C:\Program Files\AccessData\eDiscovery\Work Manager\Infrastructure.WorkExecutionServices.Host.exe.config")
  5. Find the entries for SSAgentCertFile and SSCommunicationsCertPath
  6. Verify the value/path for the SSAgentCertFile matches the "Public Certificate" from the Site Server Configuration
  7. Verify the value/path for the SSCommunicationsCertPath matches the "Private Certificate" from the Site Server Configuration
  8. Find the entry for SSRootInstanceHostName
  9. Verify the hostname/value is correct
  10. Find the entry for SSConnectionPort
  11. Verify that matches the "Client Port" from the Site Server Configuration
  12. Save the changes to Infrastructure.WorkExecutionServices.Host.exe.config
  13. Verify firewalls are not blocking any of the ports listed in the Site Server Configuration
  14. Click "Apply" in the Site Server Configuration
  15. Recycle services and confirm all services start correctly



This typically occurs when settings for the Work Manager don't match the Site Server Configuration our the necessary certificates have expired.

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