Requirements for Citrix Review Platform Hosting

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What are the requirements for Citrix review hosting?



1. Silverlight (latest version).

2. Internet Explorer used for ICA link must be run in 32-bit mode.

3. INSOActiveX control for NearNativeViewer in Web Review platform (e.g., "msiexec nearnativeviewer.msi ALLUSERS=2")

4. Website must be in either Trusted Sites or Intranet and on IE 8 it must be run in Compatibility View mode

5. To remove security warning from website, a certificate should be issued from Domain Controller

6. Hosting Citrix server must have all AD applications installed on it that want to be hosted (e.g., FTK, IE 8, etc.).

7. Licensing is best served with an NLS that is online.

8. Not recommended for any local processing. Export should work fine.



It should be noted that although others have been successful, this is not directly supported by AccessData.

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