Distributed Processing is not Working in FTK

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FTK doesn't appear to be sending work to any Distributed Processing Engines (DPE's).



Confirm that the following have been configured properly.

  1. Ports 34096 and 34097 are open to allow incoming and outgoing communications for all systems involved.
  2. A mirrored, domain service account is being used to run the DPE service.
  3. All the involved machines are running the same version of the Processing Engine, and that it's the correct version for the version of FTK being used.
  4. Service account has local admin privileges on all the involved machines.
  5. Case and Evidence folders are shared out, and that the service account has full access to those shares.
  6. If using Oracle or PostgreSQL, make sure their respective services are set to run as the service account, rather than the default SYSTEM account.
  7. If using MS-SQL, make sure the service account is added to the Logins with the "sysadmin" role.
  8. On the machine running FTK, make sure you're logged into Windows under the service account.
  9. Distributed Processing Engine machines are added under Tools > "Processing Engine Config" in FTK.
  10. Make sure your Case folder and Evidence are using UNC paths, not mapped drive letters.

Note: Also applies to AD Enterprise and AD Lab.

Additional Note: Consider reviewing this help article regarding DPE configuration.

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