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By default, FTK/Lab creates new cases in a single database using new schemas.  This can cause slowness in processing and other functions once this database becomes very large.



The script below will cause FTK/Lab to create a new database for each case.  It should be used only on FTK/Lab version 5.6.

INSERT INTO ADG.ADG510.cmn_Settings (settingID, settingName, settingValue) values (0, 'CaseDatabaseSettings', '<CaseDatabaseSettings><MultiDB>true</MultiDB></CaseDatabaseSettings>')



This behavior will be changed in a future version of FTK/Lab so that, by default, cases will be created in their own database.  Summation Pro and eDiscovery already includes this functionality.  

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    Great Tip thank you.

    I try to not create cases in LAB for consistency reasons but am sometimes forced to because of case requirements. This is a great way of keeping the ADG db small and lab cases in line with Summation cases.

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