Create a "Trusted User" in FTK/AD Lab (Windows or Domain Authentication)

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How do I create a "Trusted User" in FTK/AD Lab?



FTK allows users to create "Trusted User" accounts, which then utilize users' Windows or domain credentials to automatically log in to FTK/AD Lab.


  1. Open the Add User dialog in FTK/AD Lab
  2. Click "Trusted User"
  3. Type your Windows or domain user name and click "OK".  For FTK, you must only use local machine accounts, while you may use domain accounts in AD Lab.
  4. Click "OK" again
  5. If the Trusted user is a Domain User (AD Lab only), do the following:
    Go to Tools > Set LDAP Authentication
    Check the box "Enable LDAP Authentication"
    In the "Base DN of LDAP" field, type your domain
    Click "OK"



  • If a Domain User does not enable LDAP authentication before logging out or closing AD Lab, they may get locked out of AD Lab.
  • Since you can not specific a domain server in FTK, it can only authenticate against locally stored or cached credentials.  As such, you should not add Domain Users as Trusted Users in FTK.
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