Summation Pro and eDiscovery 5.6.3 Patch 2 Install Instructions

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Download the Summation Pro and eDiscovery 5.6.3 Patch 2 installer from here

On every machine involved in your Summation setup (except the SQL server assuming no other application components are installed there), do the following:

  1. Log into Windows using the credentials for your Summation service account
  2. Copy the patch locally to each system
  3. Right click on the Patch EXE and choose Run as Administrator

The patch will automatically detect which components are installed on the machine and patch them appropriately. After the patch is complete clear your internet explorer cache. Click the version information in the top right hand corner of Summation Pro. Confirm it matches the version numbers below: (Note: You may need to Clear Your Cache for the Version Information dialog to update)


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  • Avatar
    Vilius Benetis

    If summation and ADLAB is using the same DPM, should DPM and all other nodes upgraded to this patch?

    Would ADLAB be happy with such patched DPM/DPEs?

  • Avatar
    Vilius Benetis

    .. you should promote this into install guides on - instead of patch 1..

    I am trying to see what to follwo what are the last versions of code/documentation. now still unclear..

  • Avatar
    Justin Johns

    Yes, when you upgrade to Summation 5.6.3 SP2, you should install the patch for all DPE's and DPM used by Lab. The article posting was an oversight. I'll correct it today. I would also recommend that you follow both the Release Information and Install Guides sections so you have all the information.

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