Summation iBlaze/Enterprise - Script error (ActiveX) When Searching With Case Explorer

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While attempting to run a Case Explorer Search, users see a script error (ActiveX message) that ususally states "An error has occurred in the script on this page". Search never completes and the search results do not appear.


Summation iBlaze interacts with IE as it attempts to build adhoc Case Explorer query result pages. settings for searching, briefcases and a few additional aspects. The below are recommended steps for troubleshooting.

I.) Set the workstation to be an IE trusted site:
    1) Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > Sites button > 
    2) Enter the name of the server as observed in Control Panel > System > Computer Name
    3) Click Close.
    4) For the "trusted sites" zone, deselect "require https" and add the path to iBlaze (ie Z:\Summation\iBlaze)
    5) Save the setting.
    6)Close all IE windows and restart iBlaze.
                      You should recheck your settings to make sure the changes actually stick.
                      Sometimes the IT Department will not allow users make changes in the 
                      ActiveX settings due to group policies. Once the changes have been made 
                      you also may need to reboot the client machine.

II.) Adjusting Active X controls. 
    1) Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security > Local Intranet > Custom Level.
    2) Set radio buttons to "Enable" or "Prompt" for the following sections:
         -"Active X Controls and plug ins"
         -"Miscellaneous - Access Data Sources across domains"

III.) Compatibility mode
    1) Check that Compatibility mode is not automatically set to be used for all intranet sites by going to Tools > Compatibility View Setting > Display Intranet Sites in Compatibility View

IV.) Folder Permissions
    1)​ Go to your iBlaze installation (ie Z:\Summation\iBlaze) and find the HTML folder
    2) Make sure that everyone has at least "Modify" rights to this folder

V.) Renaming Summation user profiles:
    1) Rename the user's folder under the \Profiles folder at the following locations:
        ...[Summation Install Folder]\Profiles[User's folder]
        ...[Summation Install Folder][Case Name]\Profiles[User's folder]
        ...[Summation Install Folder][Case Name]\Database[Case Name]DB\Profiles\
               ...\SummationServer\P. Franc V. K. Morris\Profiles\khamilton
               ...\SummationServer\P. Franc V. K. Morris\Database\PFVKMDB\Profiles\khamilton




iBlaze/Enterprise are running activeX scripts to build the Case Explorer search result pages. Since the client piece is running the process (sw32.exe, summsse.exe) and the HTML folder is on the iBlaze/Enterprise server, Internet Explorer at the client piece can interpret the activeX execution as malicious activity and prevent it.


Applies to

Summation iBlaze

Summation Enterprise

Internet Explorer all versions

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