Summation iBlaze/Enterprise - Script error (ActiveX) When Searching With Case Explorer

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While attempting to run a Case Explorer Search, users see a script error (ActiveX message). Search never completes and the search results do not appear.


Adjust Internet Explorer settings for ActiveX. The below are recommended settings for ActiveX in Internet Explorer. Summation iBlaze interacts with IE as it attempts to build adhoc Case Explorer query result pages. settings for searching, briefcases and a few additional aspects.

Below are the steps to resolve ActiveX script errors:

1) Go to "Tools">"Internet Options".
2) Click on "Security".
3) Click on the "Local Intranet" icon.
4) Click Custom Level.
5) Make sure that all activeX components are set to prompt or enable.
6) Also, please enable "Access Data Sources across domains".

You should recheck your settings to make sure the changes actually stick. Sometimes the IT Department will not allow users make changes in the ActiveX settings due to group policies. Once the changes have been made you also may need to reboot the client machine.

In addition, check the "HTML" folder on your Summation Server folder, and make sure that everyone has at least "Modify" rights to this folder.

If the above still does not help, it may be other Internet Explorer settings also blocking the content from building. If that is the case, consider adding the Summation iBlaze/Enterprise application path to the "Trusted Sites" security zone and set the zone security level lower (e.g. change to "Medium-Low").



iBlaze/Enterprise are running activeX scripts to build the Case Explorer search result pages. Since the client piece is running the process (sw32.exe, summsse.exe) and the HTML folder is on the iBlaze/Enterprise server, Internet Explorer at the client piece can interpret the activeX execution as malicious activity and prevent it.


Applies to

Summation iBlaze

Summation Enterprise

Internet Explorer all versions

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