"ftk2XDB" is not listed in the services summary section of the LSNRCTL utility

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Symptom: FTK can't connect to the Oracle database, and while following this article, "ftk2XDB" is not listed in the services summary section of the LSNRCTL utility.


Cause: Corruption in the Oracle database



  1. Open a Command Prompt (as Administrator)
  2. Start SQLplus with the command sqlplus
  3. Log into the database the username sys as sysdba
  4. If the customer performed a custom Oracle installation, when prompted, enter the password they set during installation.  If the customer performed a "typical" Oracle installation, when prompted, they will need to contact Support to proceed.
  5. Run the following command:

    recover database allow 1 corruption;

  6. Shutdown database with command shutdown
  7. Startup database with command startup
  8. Close the SQL session with the command exit
  9. Run the command lsnrctl
  10. At the LSNRCTL> prompt, run the command stop
  11. Wait a few minutes and run the command start
  12. Run the command status and see if the service "ftk2XDB" is now listed

Note: This technique will not work if more than one block is corrupt

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