"String was not recognized as a valid DateTime." during restore/attach

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When restoring/attaching a case backup/archive it fails with error 103 and the FTK_log.txt shows the error "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime."



On every machine:

  1. Close FTK
  2. Open Windows Region settings (intl.cpl)
  3. Make sure every option in the dialog is the same for all involved machines

For any backups/archives where the original case still exists:

  1. After correcting the Region settings to match all other machines, make a new backup of the case
  2. Restore the backup at the desired location

For any backups/archives whose original case no longer exists:

  1. Open the Map.xml from that backup in a text editor
  2. In the <Table ID="cmn_Cases"> section, look for <Extra Key="lastmodifieddate" Value="DateTime:
  3. Take note of the date format used on that line
  4. While FTK is still closed, change the Windows Region settings to match the date format found in the Map.xml
  5. Restore the case backup
  6. Make sure to change the Region settings back to match the other machines when done



Your machines are not using the same region and date settings.  This causes the box where you're restoring/attaching to try and fail to interpret dates according to its own region and date format settings.

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    Eric Corregio

    Excelent article, solved my 103 problem error.

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    Michael Godfrey

    I receive this error in a single machine setup while attempting to restore a backup.

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