Reset the FTK Application Administrator Password (FTK 3.4 - 4.1, PostgreSQL)

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Introduction: The following will allow you to reset the Application Administrator password.  Please note that these steps only apply to FTK 3.4 - 4.1 using PostgreSQL.



  1. Open a Command Prompt (as Administrator)
  2. Navigate to the PostgreSQL installation directory (usually "C:\Program Files\AccessData\PostgreSQL\bin")
  3. Log into the database with the following command:
    psql -p [port] -U postgres -W -d ftk2
  4. Enter your "postgres" password when prompted
  5. Enable extended display (makes the output easier to read) with the following command:
  6. Use the following command to list all FTK users and verify that the user knows the Application Administrator's username:
    select * from [schema].users;
  7. Use the following command to set the Application Administrator's password to be just the letter 'a':
    UPDATE [schema].users SET password=E'\\xb75005aa8388d5f08735bc1de789ece1' WHERE userid=1000;
  8. Launch FTK and log in as the Application Administrator, entering the letter 'a' for the password
  9. In FTK, the user can use the options under the "Database" menu to change their password to whatever they want


Refer to this for a list of database SIDs and schema names.

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