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For those using AD Forms authentication, the login requires [domain]\[username]. The domain can be auto-populated by editing the webpage file.

Below are instructions for how to do this in Summation:

  1. Edit Login.aspx ([drive]:\Program Files\AccessData\MAP) - add what is in red:
    <asp:TextBox ID="UserName" runat="server" Width="155px" Text="domain\"></asp:TextBox>
  2. Refresh the login page
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    John Wittig

    I found Login.aspx at [drive]:\Program Files\AccessData\MAP rather than [drive]:\Program Files (x86)\AccessData\MAP

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    Douglas Palmer

    horrible workaround. All it does is populate the textbox with "DOMAIN\" and conveniently places the cursor BEFORE this text, forcing the user to remember to move their cursor before continuing. Find a better way....

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