How can I collect logical data from an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with MPE+?

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Devices & iOS Versions: See List Of Supported IOS Devices
Type of Capture: Logical


  1. Ensure both "Apple Application Support" and "Apple Mobile Device Support" have been installed (these are installed with either the MPE Smartphone Driver or iTunes).
  2. Connect the device with the normal Apple USB cable and allow Windows to install any needed drivers.
  3. Click the "Select Device" button on the Main toolbar in MPE+.
  4. Unlock the device.
  5. Disable the device Auto-Lock (under the General section of the Settings app).
  6. Select "Apple" in the Manufacturer drop-down.
  7. Select 'iLogical Device" in the Model drop-down.
  8. Click "Connect".
  9. If prompted on the device itself, "Trust" the connection.
  10. When prompted, enter the device's iTunes backup password if one exists, or provide a pairing record.
  11. Proceed to acquire the data you want.


  • If MPE+ reports that the device is not ready, try unlocking the device and opening Settings, then trying to connect again
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