Delete Database Tables and Filegroups for Failed Case Delete

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When attempting to delete a case from the FTK/Lab/Enterprise interface, something causes the delete to fail.  The steps below will help in removing the database table and file from MSSQL Server.



Using DBControl.exe

This can be done using DBControl.exe found in the bin directory for FTK/Lab/Enterprise.  

The syntax should be as follows.

dbcontrol.exe host=<db_servername> schema=<schema_name> -deletecase <caseid>


Using SQL Server Management Studio

Before following the steps below, backup the ADG database and any other databases that will be affected by this process.  A backup script for MSSQL can be found here.

MSSQL Management Studio (SSMS)

  1. Open SSMS.
  2. Click View >> Object Explorer Details on the menu bar.
  3. Double Click Databases >> ADG >> Tables
  4. Sort by the Schema column.

Remove Database Tables and Filegroups

1. Select all tables in the case that failed to delete. The case can be identified by the Schema number (e.g., ADG510_0003).

2. Right click one of the highlighted tables and select Delete. It may require more than one Delete to remove all the tables. This can be clicked several times.
3. Expand the Databases tree in the Object Explorer panel
4. Right click ADG >> select Properties >> Filegroups

5. Click the case you wish to remove (e.g., ADG510_0003) and click Remove

6. Repeat step 4 for additional cases if any.



Several different scenarios can cause this issue including network disconnects to the database, OS reboots, and application crashes.


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