Summation Pro Field List

Created by: Tod Ewasko
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The attached spreadsheet contains Summation Pro fields and a description of their usage.

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    Vilius Benetis

    could you please update to 5.6 field list and their usage? Thanks in advance.

  • Avatar
    Tod Ewasko

    The vast majority of these fields exist and can can be used in 5.6. We have asked development to update this list.

  • Avatar
    Anthony Mullins

    Looks like this original request was posted 7 months ago, but I was just informed by tech support that there is still no updated Field List available for 5.6.3. Any idea when this update is expected? This information is crucial. Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Jessica Kozacik

    I would appreciate an update also. I noticed some differences. Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Beth Kaufman
    I cannot find the updated 5.3 field list. Does it exist?
  • Avatar
    Anthony Mullins

    Any eta on an updated list?

  • Avatar
    Brandon Harmon

    Hows that list going?

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