Run FTK Imager from a flash drive (Imager Lite)

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How can I run Imager from a portable drive?




  • A computer other than the target system


  1. On a machine other than the system to be imaged, install FTK Imager
  2. Insert a flash drive formatted with either the FAT32 or NTFS file system
  3. Copy the entire FTK Imager installation folder (typically "C:\Program Files\AccessData\FTK Imager" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\AccessData\FTK Imager") to your flash drive
  4. Insert the flash drive in the system to be imaged
  5. Navigate to the folder you created on the flash drive
  6. Run FTK Imager.exe (as Administrator) and use Imager as you normally would

Note: Because a live system is constantly changing, imaging a live system may produce an image that is not replicable.  FTK Imager will write to the system RAM and perhaps the hard drive page file during the imaging process.  Be aware of the risks of imaging a live system and make the decision carefully.



This will allow a user to create a portable "Imager Lite" from any full release of Imager.


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