Reinstall ElasticSearch without losing data

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Any product utilizing ElasticSearch

Issue / Symptoms

The "AccessData Elasticsearch" service will not start.  The latest error log in the ElasticSearch folder (typically "C:\Program Files\AccessData\ElasticSearch\logs") may indicated Java errors.


ElasticSearch has become corrupt.

Note: You should have already eliminated possible port conflicts as being the cause for failure to start.


  1. Backup the ElasticSearch "data" folder (typically "C:\Program Files\AccessData\ElasticSearch\data").  The data folder shouldn't be affected by this process, but should be backed up just in case.
  2. Uninstall "AccessData Elasticsearch Windows Service" via the Windows Control Panel.
  3. Delete any remaining folders, except the "data" folder, from the ElasticSearch installation folder ("C:\Program Files\AccessData\ElasticSearch").
  4. Reinstall ElasticSearch from the original ISO.
  5. Check to make sure the "AccessData Elasticsearch" service is started.
  6. Check the KFF or ElasticSearch Manager to confirm all of your data is still there.

If your data does not appear after reinstalling ElasticSearch:

  1. Stop the "AccessData Elasticsearch" service.
  2. Overwrite the ElasticSearch "data" folder with the one you backed up.
  3. Restart the "AccessData Elasticsearch" service.
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    Joseph C. Scheuer

    We had an upgrade. Before upgrade we had KFF, after we do not. We need assistance getting the KFF back.

  • Avatar
    Joseph C. Scheuer

    I re-reviewed the "Elastic Search" process again and still do not see how it brings the KFF data into the tool.

  • Avatar
    Brendan Bone

    This is not for bringing new data into the KFF. This is for reinstalling ElasticSearch on a machine and drive that already contained ElasticSearch and its data, without needing to go through the KFF data import process again.

    If you are installing ElasticSearch on a new drive, you will need to import the KFF data according to the KFF installation instructions.

    Edited by Brendan Bone
  • Avatar
    Joseph C. Scheuer

    We need help importing the KFF data according to the KFF installation instructions. We need to share a screen with a help desk person, log in to our system and get some hand-holding to get this done.

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