How Do You Migrate or Combine Licenses Between Dongles?

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How do you migrate or combine licenses between dongles?

Scenario:  You have two or more dongles with various licenses, and you wish to move any number of licenses from one dongle to another, or combine all licenses onto one dongle.




  • Two or more dongles, licensed to the same person
  • AccessData License Manager
  • CodeMeter (for silver physical dongles or virtual software)
  • Keylock dongle drivers (for green dongles)
  • An internet connection


  1. Insert the dongle with the license(s) you wish to migrate/move.
  2. Open AccessData License Manager.
  3. Under the Licenses tab, select the checkbox(es) next to the license(s) you wish to migrate. .
  4. Click "Remove License" and click "Yes" when prompted.
  5. Close AccessData License Manager and remove the dongle.
  6. Insert the dongle you wish to migrate the licenses to.
  7. Open AccessData License Manger.
  8. Under the Licenses tab, click "Add Existing License".
  9. On the web page that opens up, select the checkbox(es) next to the license(s) you wish to migrate..
  10. Click "Bind", then switch back to License Manager and click "Yes" when prompted.



This will explain how a user can migrate licenses between their own dongles.  Please note that all involved dongles must be licensed to the same person (not just the same organization) to be able to migrate licenses.

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