Summation 6.0 Case Organizer Demonstration

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    Ralph Wegis

    I have used case organizer for years in litigation in the 2.9 version and could show you many ways it is valuable to a litigator. I have asked for it to be included in summation express and though that it had been. I have watched the video an I am sorry to tell you it is useless to me a lawyer using summation for litigation PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get case organizer in this product and understand how it is used by a lawyer who actually uses it for trial --in the entire presentation not one word is spoken on how this assists in organizing evidence.

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    Tod Ewasko

    If you have specific features you would like to be added to this feature. Please post those here:

    This was not intended as a how to - training video on case organizer. We will add that to our list for future videos.

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