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Issue / Symptoms

AccessData services and Application Pools can't start, because the service account that AccessData's products were installed under had its password changed through Active Directory or through CTRL+ALT+DEL > Change password.
This typically results in a "Service Unavailable" error when accessing Summation or eDiscovery.
*****If the service account used to install AccessData's products had its password changed through  "Local users and groups" >> "Set password" this will not work and Windows will have to be reinstalled and start over from scratch.*******



AccessData products use cached credentials to Start the AccessData Services and the IIS Application Pools. When the password is changed these services can't start.


  1. On every machine involved in your setup, do the following:
    1. Open the Services snap-in (services.msc)
    2. If the machine has any of the below services, for each service, right-click on the service and click Properties, then choose the "Log On" tab and update the password.
      • AccessData Async Processing Services
      • AccessData Business Services Common
      • AccessData eDiscovery Business Services
      • AccessData Infrastructure Services
      • AccessData License Service
      • AccessData Orchestration Services
      • AccessData Processing Engine Service
      • AccessData Processing Manager Service
      • AccessData RTT Business Services
      • AccessData Site Server Service
      • AccessData Synchronization and Notification Service
      • AccessData Third-Party Integration Services
      • AccessData Work Distribution Services
      • AccessData Work Manager
      • AccessData Quin-C Self Host Service
      • AccessData Exterro Self Host Service
      • Collab Service
    3. (eDiscovery/Summation) Open IIS and do the following: 
      1. Expand your server
      2. Highlight Application Pools
      3. If the machine has any of the below Application Pools, for each one, right-click the Application Pool and click Advanced Settings, then click the ellipses next to "Process Model Identity" to update the password:
        • ADG.Api.AppPool
        • ADG.Map.AppPool
        • ADG.OAuth.AppPool
        • ADG.Web.AppPool
        • AsyncProcessingAppPool
    4. Reboot the server
    5. (eDiscovery/Summation/FTK Central) Log in to the product and update any settings that use the service account's credentials (ie  Active Directory, Agent Credentials, Share Credentials, etc).
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    Elam, Todd

    I saw this article too. Is the account that runs the services, app pools and the AD credentials automatically added as a user, because I don't see it listed with all the other user accounts?

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    Anne Patterson

    It's not a Summation/eDisco user at all. It is (usually) a domain account, and its permissions to folders, for example, determine what you see when you're browsing in the interface for an export location, etc.

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