Summation How-To: Adding Evidence - Load Files - Concordance and Relativity

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    Trey Flint

    All of the videos are very helpful but is it possible to get them redone without the sever clicking of the mouse. The noise that makes is terribly distracting and makes me not want to watch the video even though I need this information.

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    Blake Thoennes


    Thank you for all the help you provide us (as in everyone at or using AccessData!). You have on two unique occasions gone above and beyond for me. Not only does this set you apart from the everyday acquaintance, but you did so humbly and well above and beyond  the call of duty (4am!)

    Pertaining to Field Mapping, Confusion is brought by the symbol "appearing" to be the same not only for field separator but also return placeholder. Its almost like opposing council is purposely making this difficult by using similarly looking symbols...

    I think it would be useful for others who watch this video to have a method of identify the "exact" character code that was used in the load file so we can pick the "exact" code from the list. So I STFW (google it) and found . This allowed me to paste in my identifiers and select the correct ones from the drop down.

    Thanks again Tim Leehealey. I owe you dinner.

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