5.6 Release Notes

Created by: Tod Ewasko
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Summation Release Notes

FTK Release Notes

LAB Release Notes attached

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    Vilius Benetis

    Please share ADLAB release notes here as well.

  • Avatar
    Chris Proudley

    Hi Vilius, please see additional link. This should always contain the latest Lab RNs, UG and so on.

  • Avatar

    It's pointing to the 5.5 release notes?

  • Avatar
    Vilius Benetis

    I have correct versions myself, however I want them to be correctly referenced as well in knowledge base.

  • Avatar
    Tod Ewasko

    Thank you for the feedback. I uploaded the Correct Lab 5.6 Release Notes.

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    Chris Proudley has also been recently updated to include up to date information for 5.6

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