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Attached are the latest recycle services scripts.

These scripts should be run as Administrator while logged in as the service account.

Recycle_Engines.cmd: This is valid for any version of AD software using a Distributed Processing Manager (DPM).  This script will recycle only the DPM and DPE's.

Recycle_Services_v5.cmd: This is valid for any version of Summation Pro or eDiscovery version 5.2.2 through 5.6.x.  Make sure to modify all service locations in the script prior to running it.  

Recycle_Services_v6.cmd: This is valid for any version of Summation Pro or eDiscovery version 6.x. Support for two web servers has been added to the latest version.  Below are instructions on how to add a second web server.

-- Update Recycle_Services.ini File ---
1. Open the file "C:\ProgramData\AccessData\Recycle_Services.ini"
2. At the bottom underneath dpm_server=<server name> add the line web_server2=<server name> (Note: Be sure to replace <server name> with the hostname of the second web server).

3. Save and close the file


Script author: Justin Johns



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    Vilius Benetis

    is it still valid script for 5.6, and does it cover all SummationPro/Res1 installations?

    Please update, it says - insight 5.3.1.

  • Avatar
    Tod Ewasko

    The mention of 5.3.1 in the script is referencing a change in the short name that started in that version and anything newer. I have updated the reference to version information from the script and uploaded a new script. This will work for Summation Pro and all current versions of Resolution1. Thank you for the feedback.

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