Unable to delete evidence from a case.

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Why am I unable to delete evidence in a case?

There are times when a piece of data needs to be removed from a case for any number of reason.  When you select that item and choose delete in the Bulk Actions Panel, nothing happens, that item is still in the case.



The most likely reason is that evidence item is still associated with a label, export, production set, document group, etc. Summation Pro will prevent 


Work Around:

Disassociate that evidence item from the object that is preventing it from being deleted.

E.g. Delete a production or export set that the item is a part of, which would be keeping that file from being deleted.

In the example above, deleting the Production or Export set is a drastic measure to accomplish getting rid of evidence, but if a client needs to remove it for a "claw-back", then that may be what needs to be done, as of now, to get rid of evidence.


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