KFF For Version 6.3 (Accessdata Cassandra) Requires Java 8 64-bit

Created by: Jim Copeland
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When trying to install the new KFF (AccessData Cassandra service) for AD Lab/AD Enterprise/FTK version 6.3, you get an error message:

“Java Version not sufficient – Please install a 64-bit Java that is Java 8 or higher”





Install the 64 bit version of Java 8.

Please download "jre-8u152-windows-x64.exe" and run the EXE to install Java 8, 64-bit. 

Here is a link to the download page, if needed.

Java SE 8 Run-Time Environment Download Page



The 64 bit version of Java 8 is required for Cassandra to work.



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    Graeme Burridge

    Installing Version 8 Update 151 Release date October 17, 2017 did not work for me. Installing ire-8u-152-windows-x64.exe from the link supplied by Jim Copeland works fine

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