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When trying to install the new KFF (AccessData Cassandra service) for AD Lab/AD Enterprise/FTK version 6.3 and 6.4, you get an error message:

“Java Version not sufficient – Please install a 64-bit Java that is Java 8 or higher”





Install the appropriate Java Runtime Environment for your version of Cassandra.  Then, attempt to reinstall Cassandra.

Cassandra, which comes on the KFF 6.3 ISO, requires Java 8u151.

Cassandra, which comes on the KFF 6.4 ISO, requires Java 8u161.



Java is required for Cassandra to work.



  • Any version of Cassandra can be used with the 6.4 and newer lines of AccessData products.  However, you must use the version of the KFF Import Utility that corresponds with the version of your AccessData software (i.e. you must use version 6.4 of the KFF Import Utility to import the KFF data to use with FTK 6.4).
  • In regards to Java moving to a paid subscription, Cassandra uses the JDK version of Java, which is still free. It is only the SE license that has changed their subscription model and KFF/Cassandra does not utilize that version.
    Java Licensing FAQ





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    Graeme Burridge

    Installing Version 8 Update 151 Release date October 17, 2017 did not work for me. Installing ire-8u-152-windows-x64.exe from the link supplied by Jim Copeland works fine

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