Can not create a case: "The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'sp_send_dbmail',..."

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After finishing the case creation wizard, the case is not in the case list and was not created.

 %PUBLIC%\Documents\AccessData\ResolutionOneLogs\AdgBusinessServices.txt log contains the following error corresponding with the case creation:

The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'sp_send_dbmail', database 'msdb', schema 'dbo'.



Open up MSSQL and check for any triggers in:


And also in:


Find the trigger that is trying to use "sp_send_dbmail" and disable or delete it.



Whenever this error has been seen, it was because someone created a trigger in MSSQL calling the stored procedure "sp_send_dbmail," usually in an attempt to have an email notification sent when a database is created. The service account does not have permissions to use sp_send_dbmail, which causes case creation to fail.



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