Bulk Print Does Not Work After Upgrading to 6.2

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After upgrading to 6.2, Bulk Printing is not working correctly, or possibly not working at all.

Symptoms could be a print window that never shows any progress and possibly a workmanager that reports bulk printing has already completed, but nothing printed.

Error message could be:

Error occurred during Service Call. Detailed information about the error is logged to the file "bulkprintlocal.txt"...


FATAL BulkPrintLocal.WPF.App [(null)] - Could not load file or assembly 'WindowsUtil, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format.


1. Uninstall old versions of "Accessdata Bulk Print Local" software found at the client workstations.

E.g. Version number "5.0.0" is an earlier version of the local printing add-on.

2. Download and install the newest "Accessdata Bulk Print Local" software.

Note: Once installed, the newer version of the local printing add-on should be "6.2.0".

Note: "Accessdata Bulk Print Local" version 6.2.0 is a 64-bit application and will not run on 32-bit Windows.



New printer software was released with 6.2.x, on the server-side, that may not always work properly with older versions of "Accessdata Bulk Print Local" Software at the client machines.


Applies To

AD Ediscovery

Summation Pro

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